Three Rooms

Move - A & D, Arrow Keys
Interact - Return, Left Shift

The Audiovisual prototype for this project has added a number of aesthetic features, chief among them are more highly realized character and environment assets, my first attempt at making actual art for a game instead of stealing someone else’s…  The plot of the game is still coming, but present here is the introduction to that plot and narrative.  In Three Rooms there is a man imprisoned for eternity, who’s soul is forever bound to a fire he must keep alive. You just happen to be passing though.  The man’s got a lot of stories to tell, but he won’t force you to listen to them if you don’t want to.  Should you stick around the stories you listen to might very well get to be a part of them.

The visual inspiration for the game is pretty clear, there's no way I could come up with a unique art style in only a few weeks having hardly touched photoshop before.  Instead I went with the simplest style I could think of that still retained color and character: Sword and Sworcery's.  This is really their look, not mine, but hopefully as time goes on I'll get more comfortable to bring my own style to these characters.