Click 'Send' to start, then use the arrow keys. Click off-screen to pause.

Calmtraception was made by Michael Dellapi, Kate Smith, Caitlin Falls, and me in 10 hours for the first Bedsider Sex-Positive Game Jam, the theme for which was contraception.  

After batting around ideas for an hour, our 4 person team decided to make a game about getting lost in your thoughts in the middle of having sex.  How are you supposed to enjoy the moment when its intensity only makes your thoughts spin out of control? Is the cat in the room? Are you going to pass that exam you just took? Whose phone was that? 

The key to getting through these, of course, is communication, difficult as it might be to let someone in. It was tons of fun to build this game with such a great group of jammers,  we hope you like it.

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