Jimi Stine’s Zapper is the world’s first post-postmodern video game. It critiques the critique-ers and goes one meta level deeper than we’ve ever gone before.  Critics have called it “Brave,” “Thought provoking,” and “Proof that perfection is, in fact, attainable.”

According to the titular lead designer, Jimi Stine’s Zapper is a MASTERPIECE and should be a required game in EVERY art and/or game design school around the globe.  

Please email him at jrstine@me.com for inquiries and SIGNED MERCHANDISE.  

(Jimi Stine's Zapper was created by Junege Hong, Erik Miller, and Jimi Stine. We recommend downloading the game as it has better audio mixing. Headphones recommended!) 


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If this doesn't win a BAFTA, VGA, IGF, GOTY, WEBBY, OSCAR, GRAMMY, TONY, PULITZER, EMMY, and NOBEL PRIZE I'm calling the police.

Your'e doing good work, Jamie!


This game isn't even out yet but I can already tell it's going to be great! Literally throwing money at my computer screen rn!